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I'll add anything you want me to add. i will spam.. I'll do shouts .

I'm not claiming all the photos i post as mine. i do reblog some photos to show you where i get my photos from. if you don't see ycats on the photo then there not mine. Thanks for being here!!!!


just like to say that if you want a shout for your site and a post to credit you for your photos them message me please and i'll do so and i'll also put ur link on my link page. and so, if you don't see your link on that page let me know. don't bitch at me or be mean cause then you will not get nothing. i don't claim nothing has mine. if you don't want people posting your photos then please don't post them on a public site or add ur name on the photos and it will not make your photo look ugly when you do it. also, if i reblog your photos then that is letting you all know that is also, where i get my photos from too.